Edge of Truth Book Birthday

EoT_Ebook_FinalEdge of Truth (YA Dystopian) is officially 1-year old today!

Since June 6, 2013, Edge of Truth has landed a spot on Amazon’s Teen & Young Adult Science Fiction and Dystopian Top 100 List, earned an average review rating of 4+ stars, got facelift a.k.a. new cover, and now has bonus content.

Add Edge of Truth to your GoodReads shelf.

In celebration of the first year in print, I’m hosting a big give away with book contributions from multiple authors, including book series bundles from Carrie Butler, Dana Mason, and Nancy S. Thompson. The Rafflecopter contest entry link is below.

Edge of Truth Excerpt

This is excerpt is from one of my favorite scenes. Rena and Nevan have escaped from the bad guys and have set up a hidden camp inside a cave made from a stone with diamond-like qualities.

“You’re divided,” Nevan said.

“What?” Rena asked.

“Your face.” He lightly touched her hairline, traced a path down her forehead, between her eyebrows, across the bridge of her nose, and paused slightly at her lips then continued to the tip of her chin. “Divided between shadow and light.”

“Oh.” Sweet Mother… Warmth blossomed from the tingling line down the middle of her face and swept through her body. Her breath escaped in a soft moan, which she hoped the crackling sound of the fire covered.

“Rena?” Firelight danced across his face. His bi-colored eyes drank it in, more radiant than the sparkling stone. He was too beautiful to look at, and the only thing she ever wanted to see.


“Remember the other day, at that club in the Underground?” he said in a low voice.

His strong arms wrapped around her. His soft lips pressed against hers. The delicious taste of his mouth. Heat pooled in her stomach. She hoped the shadows hid her blush. “How could I forget?”

“There’s something I need to tell you.” He sounded too serious.

A cold wave rolled over her, dousing the flames inside her with an almost audible fizzle. “Uh-huh?”

“I don’t know where to start.” He peered over her shoulder at Blaze who snored softly. “And this might not be the best time or place, but I really need to get this out.”

“What is it about?” She wasn’t sure she really wanted to know. Her tongue swelled, making it difficult to swallow. She parted her lips slightly and sipped small breaths.

“Us,” he whispered. He was quiet for a moment, a long, impossible moment.


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Give Away

I’m so excited about the gift card and books fellow authors and friends have contributed to help celebrate. Check out my first-ever collage created using PicMonkey.com. Please be sure to enter the Rafflecopter contest for a chance to win one of these books (or one of the three book bundles). Plus, I’m tossing in a box of chocolate. Can’t have a party without chocolate. 🙂

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I’d like to give a special thanks to the peeps who’ve joined the celebration by hosting me on their blogs today. There are three never-seen-before excerpts spread throughout this awesome group of bloggers, so please be sure to visit them for more:

A Book VacationAldrea Alien, Elizabeth ArroyoJacinda Buchmann,  Melissa Maygrove, Quanie Miller, Catherine Stine, Vanessa StricklerNancy S. Thompson, SBM Book Obsession

And I’d also like to thank those who signed up to help me reach outside of my social circles via Twitter and/or Facebook:

Liz Blocker, Kathleen Nichols, Wandra Green, Chris Cannon, Suzanne Williams, Carrie Butler, Dana Mason, Victoria Perkins, Jen Gentry, Vickey Malone Kennedy, Victoria Escobar

Thanks for stopping by to check out my blog today and joining the fun. From the bottom of my heart, I appreciate your continued support and encouragement.

Happy Reading and Writing!
~ Natasha

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  1. YAY!!! Happy Birthday, Edge of Truth!! That is a great excerpt, Natasha – it totally makes me want to read MORE 🙂 Congratulations!!! Am I blind, or am I just missing the Rafflecopter? Where is it? (Feeling silly….)

    1. Thanks Liz! Rafflecopter is a link right under the Cover Collage image. I’ll edit it to be bigger.

  2. I remember I was in Montana at a meeting when it came out. Ordered it and read it right away in my dorm room. Having been a critiques partner from its infancy to nearly published it was great to see the final product.

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